GAIA Series

Solar Generator

Solar Generator

What is the
Gaia Series Solar

Introducing Viking Industrial’s groundbreaking Solar Generator,
an all-in-one solution designed specifically for the industrial and mining sectors.

A portable and reliable source of solar power that significantly reduces reliance on diesel powered generators, minimising carbon emissions, noise, and fuel costs. Our Solar Generator is innovative and highly customisable to meet specific project needs.

It allows for additional battery storage, seamless connection with backup conventional generators, and various base options.

With this advanced solution, you can ensure the perfect power setup for your operational demands, maximising efficiency and sustainability.

Solar Generator


Prime Output


Connectable Input

32A & 16A

Single-Phase Outlets


Prime Output
Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Effortless set-up for instant
solar power

Reduce Operating Cost

Reduced Operating

Efficient performance that
saves on energy costs

Viking Industrial Solar Generator

Collapsible for Easy

Designed for mobility, delivering power anywhere

Reliable Power

Reliable Power Supply

Consistent and
dependable energy
whenever you need it

Easy Monitoring

Easy Monitoring

Configure, monitor update
and diagnose via the
VictronConnect App

Single User Interface

All-in-one Victron
control for simplified
energy management



Backup generator, additional battery
and solar skid compatibility for
evolving project needs


Waterproof Canopy

Resilient in even the toughest

Solar Generator
Solar Generator (Closed)
Solar Generator (Open)
Solar Generator (Closed)
Solar Generator (Open)

Technical Specifications

Explore our Gaia Solar Generator Series further by downloading the information pack below.