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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Rent vs Purchase article to help you understand the benefits of both options.

Yes. In most cases, our rental generator prices include free servicing and support.

Our rental fleet is well maintained and serviced by our qualified service team. We don’t hold onto old equipment – most of our gear is under two years old.

Yes, installation is included in most cases.

Dry hire is where the equipment is rented without the need for servicing.

Wet Hire is where servicing is included in the rental price. This is the case for most of our rental products.


Yes. We can provide transport of equipment for an additional cost.

Yes. We offer generators, portable lighting, compressors and fuel storage for home, small commercial and industrial use.

Prime Power is the main (prime) source of power on the site, whereas Standby Power (emergency power) is used when the main source of power fails. The main application for Standby Generators is to act as emergency power for when the Grid (mains) suffers a power outage i.e. a power cut occurs.

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