Industrial Generators – Rent vs Buy?

Oct 18, 2021 | Power

One of the most common questions our customers ask is whether to buy or rent their next generator. Whether for industrial, mining, construction or even home use, there are a few key factors to consider before deciding what suits your requirements best.

What Viking Industrial Offer 

Viking Industrial has the advantage of two divisions of experts, with a dedicated Rental Team and Sales Team, working together to provide the best generator options to suit your project.

On top of that, our qualified Service Department delivers 24/7 maintenance and support across most of Australia, with five branches nationwide. 

We provide turnkey power solutions that are transparent and worry-free. 

No matter the size of your project, we will be there every step of the way. 

Viking Industrial provides confidence, support, and ongoing assistance to keep your project moving forward from initial planning, maintenance, and service throughout the job and even in shutdown.

We Provide 

  • Quote and comparison for both rent and buy options
  • Fuel consumption guides for both short-term and long-term
  • 24/7 service options 
  • Advice on correct sizing for the project 

Factors to Consider 

Customers depend on us for advice that can save them on fuel costs and potential downtime. Our team has the tools and experience to help make your decision easier.

Power Requirements

  • What are you powering?
  • Do you need Standby, Prime or Continuous Power?
  • How much power will you need to safely and confidently do the job?
  • What will be the run-time of your generator? Fuel usage is crucial to the overall cost.


  • Does your budget allow for upfront costs, or would you prefer to spread costs over the length of the project? 
  • Who is paying the bill? If the charges are passed on to the client, they may want a say in which option to choose. 

Project Length

  • How long will your project last?
  • Will your requirements change along the way? Renting can provide the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each stage in the project.


  • Are you equipped to maintain your generators, or will you need a service team?


  • Can you afford to have downtime in cases of breakdown or maintenance? 
  • 24/7 support and modern equipment mean less downtime and less liability.

Renting – Pros and Cons 

Low upfront costsIt can be more costly for long-term projects
Less responsibility for maintenanceThere will always be a cost associated with your power supply
Flexibility to adjust equipment throughout project stages (grow with the job)
Rental Equipment is often higher spec than requirements
A wide range of rental equipment is often in stock and close by, with five locations Australia wide

Purchasing – Pros and Cons

Potential savings for long-term projects Higher upfront costs
Custom configuration options are endlessMaintenance will be an extra expense
Power on-hand at all times, no need to search for rental in an emergencyEquipment will age over time through repeated use
No ongoing paymentsThere may be lead times for custom orders

Rent vs Purchase Questionnaire

When considering rental vs purchase for your project, here are some initial questions you can think about, which will help the process when talking to our team. 

  • What do I need to power?
  • Do I need standby, prime or continuous power?
  • Where will the generator/s be located?
  • How long is the project?
  • Are there extreme weather conditions to consider? 
  • Do we have scheduled downtime to allow for servicing? 
  • What will the run time be? 
  • Who is footing the bill for fuel costs? 
  • Will my power needs be the same throughout the life of the project?
  • Do we need servicing and support? 
  • Will we be able to use the generator/s elsewhere once the job is complete? 
  • What is our budget? 

Contact us today to find out more

“We recently purchased a fleet of Solar Trailers with a set expectation and design requirement for our remote site requirements. The team at Viking worked with us to complete the specification and orders. The fleet has been on the job for around three months now, meeting our requirements. We are looking at more units currently with the team and look forward to continued supply in the future.”

- Director, Construction, WA

“From our initial dealings with Viking Industrial until the completion of works onsite, the whole team have proven to be professional and very attentive to our requirements and needs. I cannot recommend them enough. We’re looking forward to dealing with the Viking Team in  the future.”

- Reg Greene, Project Manager, McNally Group

“Viking Industrial has been a long term partner with Utilita. They continue to reinvent and evolve to improve the service offerings that support our critical infrastructure. Despite our requirements continually changing, they never stop trying to improve.”

- Chris McRae, Operations Manager, Utilita Water Solutions