Power stations for off-grid and remote applications from 1mW – 30mW


Standby Power Station

Offgrid Power

Mobile Power Station


Hybrid/Battery Power Station

Biodiesel Reciprocating

Diesel Reciprocating

AVGAS Turbine


Noise reduction systems

Emission control systems (EPA)

HV/MV Alternators 

BOO Package


Viking Industrial has delivered remote power nationally for the past 15 years, offering trustworthy power solutions with a full turnkey service – from design to disposal.

Independent of engine manufacturers, we source our equipment directly and deliver genuine and unbiased advice on the most effective power solutions for your project.

Our power stations are custom built and designed on a case to case basis, catering to your specific requirements.

Our experience includes:

    • High altitude, tropical and arid locations with extreme weather conditions
    • Underground works
    • Environmentally sensitive works such as national parks
    • Natural disasters which require instant mobilisation of plant and equipment for support
    • Redundancy power requirements
    • Large fuel storage requirements
    • Noise reduction systems
    • Emission control systems
    • Medium to high voltage reticulation

Strong relationships are Viking Industrial’s priority, and our team go above and beyond to provide the best infrastructure throughout all stages of the job.

No matter the size, our clients trust us to keep their projects running safely, efficiently and on time.

With dedicated Rental, Sales and Service divisions, we offer turnkey solutions to suit any prime running or emergency power station.
From 1MW to 30MW, we’re providing reliable and cost effective power solutions that exceed expectations.

We can:

  • Design, construct and supply generators, transformers and all switchgear directly to site
  • Provide alternators to generate both LV (415V) and HV (11kV) which can eliminate transformers and reduce costs
  • Engineer and supply fuel polishing and refuelling systems along with fuel tanks
  • Build and transport site offices, with dedicated on-site technicians to maintain and operate our power stations


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