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“We recently purchased a fleet of Solar Trailers with a set expectation and design requirement for our remote site requirements. The team at Viking worked with us to complete the specification and orders. The fleet has been on the job for around three months now, meeting our requirements. We are looking at more units currently with the team and look forward to continued supply in the future.”

- Director, Construction, WA

“From our initial dealings with Viking Industrial until the completion of works onsite, the whole team have proven to be professional and very attentive to our requirements and needs. I cannot recommend them enough. We’re looking forward to dealing with the Viking Team in  the future.”

- Reg Greene, Project Manager, McNally Group

“Viking Industrial has been a long term partner with Utilita. They continue to reinvent and evolve to improve the service offerings that support our critical infrastructure. Despite our requirements continually changing, they never stop trying to improve.”

- Chris McRae, Operations Manager, Utilita Water Solutions