Snowy Hydro and Fortescue trust us with their fixed speed diesel. Will you?



Independent of all manufacturers, we source equipment directly and build generators to any specification required

lighting towers

Diesel, solar and hybrid options with a range of light configurations from 50W to 4000W


Electric, screw and oil-free compressors from 60 CFM through to 2000 CFM

fuel cells

Static and mobile diesel tanks from 500L all the way to 100,000L


Cable sets, leads, temporary and permanent distribution boards


Whether it’s fuel efficiency, standby applications, 24/7 power, time management or physical footprint – we’re on site from the start ensuring your needs are met throughout the project 


Mechanical installation and commissioning on site. From fuel systems, cable tray, flexible and hard drawn pipework, exhaust systems, ducting, remote fill points to complete power station fuel systems – our team have you covered


From LV to MV to HV, we have you covered. Our team mobilise nationwide providing LV cabling between generators and distribution boards, ATS installations and testing, function testing, commissioning and energising gensets from 6kVA to 30MW, we do it all


Handling our own transport from workshop directly to the project allows a seamless process from planning to installation – offering true turn-key solutions for our clients.


With 5 national branches, we have every region covered. Backed by Volvo Penta dealers we have over 150 branches capable of servicing even the most remote locations in Australia

our latest updates

Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week commences this Monday, 14th of June. It is an important opportunity to highlight men's health and what it means to be healthy. Through a series of promotions, events and publicity around the country, Men's Health Week is designed to provoke thought and discussion about what needs to be done to improve male health. Viking Industrial are getting behind the cause by creating some time to hang out and encouraging discussions around men’s health in our workplace....

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Generator Tiers – What You Should Know

What is a Diesel Tier Rating? In a move to improve air quality in the 1990s, some countries began regulating the emissions from off-road diesel engines, including diesel-powered construction and mining equipment, rail locomotives, port equipment, and ships. The...

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