onsite power analysis

Greenfield and Brownfield power analysis – maximising efficiency and reducing risk


Potential fuel savings

Proactive risk management (Redundancy)


Greenfield Analysis

Brownfield Analysis


Our Power Analysis Service utilises the knowledge of Viking Industrial’s technical and application experts.

The analysis can be implemented either before or during the power requirement, offering efficiency refinements and notable cost savings.

A power analysis provides a comprehensive review, evaluating generator requirements in terms of size, engine selection, and system configuration.

Viking Industrial provides two types of analysis:

Greenfield Analysis
Executed before the generators have been delivered

Our engineers will examine the proposed load data, then create a proposal with generator sizing, configuration, and engine selection recommendations.

Brownfield Analysis

Executed when the generators are presently on site

Technicians will visit the site to measure the realised loads and review generator sizes and engine selection. From here, our analysis will compare existing generators with proposed alternatives based on a quantified cost saving.

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