The Future Of Solar Power – Viking Industrial Sponsors Team Arrow

Feb 16, 2022 | News

With our shiny range of Solar Lighting Towers available for rent or purchase, Viking Industrial is proud to offer Team Arrow sponsorship of their very own solar car on display at Eat Street, Northshore in Brisbane.

Who is Team Arrow?

Team Arrow has a diverse membership base, made up of a mixture of university students, industry professionals, and members from other solar car teams and university motorsport teams. This enables students to gain valuable learning experience, and industry professionals to offer their mentorship. A shared passion for the project is what makes Team Arrow a group that is able to compete on the world stage, having competed both nationally in the Bridgestone World Solar Tour, and internationally on the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

Benefits of Solar

One of the clear benefits of solar power is that solar offers clean and renewable energy. With the global issue of climate change becoming more and more prevalent, Viking is committed to providing environmentally-friendly options for your next project. In the same way it is unavoidable to use a car in your day-to-day, similarly, large projects often require machines that are not necessarily environmentally-friendly. Viking understands it is all about balance and that you can do your bit for the environment by installing solar panels on your roof, and for your next large project, consider utilising solar lighting towers.

Viking Industrial Solar Lighting Towers

Viking Industrial’s range of Solar Lighting Towers offer the longest run-time in the industry. From short-term events to large-scale mining work, our custom options provide lighting solutions that will precisely suit the needs of any project.

if you’d like to find out more about our range of Solar Lighting, our Sales Team would love to help. 

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Also, don’t forget to check out Team Arrow’s solar car next time you visit Eat Street!