Meet the team – Luke Rennie

We have an amazing bunch of people here at Viking, with each person bringing their own skills and experience together to form one hell of a team. 

Over the next few months we will introduce you to our crew. 

This week it’s our Managing Directors turn.

Meet Luke Rennie

Luke is one of the 3 founders of Viking, starting out in 2013 with the aim to settle in one place after years abroad and build a company to be proud of. He considers himself a practical and systematic person, hardwired to get things done and solve problems on the fly.
With a military background plus a further 10 years of dangerous security work across the Middle East, Luke is no stranger to high pressure work environments.

Most days at our Queensland head office you’ll find him darting between office cubicles and the warehouse, taking calls, emailing and texting, sometimes all at once. This is the intense work zone that he thrives on, and it’s this military approach that has helped Viking Industrial grow to become the kind of business that people can rely on to get things done.

“Viking’s success since inception is something to be excited about” Luke explains, “especially creating opportunities for our team to work in an empowering and positive environment where personal goals can contribute to larger company wide wins”.

What he loves most about Viking is the individuals that make up the team, “We’re blessed to have some incredible individuals that add tremendous value to the team as a whole, which is the only way for us to operate in my opinion.”

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