Imagine 20 years ago two young blokes thinking big and looking to strike it rich. Well as always life gets in the way but it’s still an adventure. I went overseas and used the skills I learnt in the army to build a bankroll, while Craig started a family, and developed the skills to excel at business.

Of course, time flies and while Craig was refining his skills at Wasp Diesel, where he met Anthony Jensen, bonding over a strong work ethic, a practical approach to business, and a well-deserved steak and a beer at the end of the week. I was racing around the world saving to start a business. It was during this period that Anthony and Craig learnt not only the hard-practical skills but also what they wanted to focus on with business, strong lasting relationships with customers.

By the time I returned from the overseas I was hungry to learn, and with Craig’s guidance, I immersed myself in a three-year deep dive into all things mining, construction, power and generators. It was during this time that I learnt that the generator business is about so much more than a box that provides power. I learnt that with the right knowledge you can save customer hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in fuel and ensure they are never without power.

In 2015 Craig and I became partners, and I was able to work side by side with Anthony focusing on Viking, and bringing some passion and a focus on the customer into the industry. Since then we’ve won contracts such as the Gold Coast Light Rail and the Nexus Toowoomba Bypass, expanded out west and put on two more staff in Perth. Our team is working, and working well, and as we move forward we’re maintaining our focus on the customer first, always. Because you need power onsite because you’re moving forward too.

And why did we choose Viking as the name? With Anthony’s Scandinavian heritage he wouldn’t give us a choice!

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