How Self-Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks Can Save You Time and Money on Your Next Project

Jan 30, 2022 | Fuel

On-site fuel storage allows a range of benefits to a project, saving you time, money and resources when refuelling. Viking Industrial provides an extensive range of Self-bunded Fuel Storage Tanks to suit all applications.

From 500 to 100,000 litres, and with mobile or static options, our fuel tanks are suitable for storing and dispensing Diesel, Petrol, Aviation Fuels, Lubricants and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Industries that take advantage of self-bunded tanks include mining, aviation, marine, rail, road transport and chemical companies.

What is a Self-bunded Tank?

Self-bunded tank (or double-walled tank) is a tank within a tank. It has double steel walls that make it safer to store fuel, diesel and other liquids. The space between the two walls will provide a barrier for any leakages, reducing the risk of the liquid escaping into the environment. The capacity of the outer tank is 110% of the inner tank. 

Advantages of Self-bunded Tanks


Self-bunded tanks are suitable for storing various liquids such as diesel, petrol, petrochemicals, biodiesel and waste oil. Almost no pre-preparation is needed, just power and a flat surface.


Self-bunded tanks can be easily relocated on-site and used in remote locations, are perfect for Australian conditions and are easily installed on your site. Installation is simple, and we offer a range of additional monitoring equipment that can fit your requirements.

Mining, rental and project companies will often use self-bunded tanks where fuel and oil storage requirements are temporary during construction. Tanks can be operational within hours of delivery, with no specialist civil engineering needed.


Our self-bunded diesel tanks are built tough. The double steel walls prevent leaks and spillage of the liquids contained. If, however, the liquid leaks through the first wall, there is the second wall to prevent the liquid from spilling through and contaminating the entire area. Spillage through the first wall (also called the bund wall) is highly unlikely as it is a robust structure designed to prevent leaks or deluge of the liquids stored. The durability and strength of a self-bunded fuel storage tank is something you can rely on.


When running generators and other equipment on-site, the refuelling method will play a large part in the cost of your operation. With on-site fuel storage, the time and resources needed to refuel are significantly reduced, and easy installation also minimises set-up costs. 

For projects that change size over time, new tanks can be added and linked together to form a larger storage facility – called a ‘Tank Farm’.

Viking Industrial Fuel Storage Tanks

Our range of fuel storage tanks are all self-bunded, and include the following features: 

  • Meets Australian Standards
  • Systems are factory assembled and wet tested
  • Cyclone rated – can be easily fixed to the ground 
  • Weatherproof, lockable pump bay
  • UL142 rated, the highest testing level available for storage tanks
  • Marine quality paint  
  • Safety signage
  • Connection and set-up guides provided
  • 24/7 Viking Industrial support 

To find out more about our range of fuel storage options, our Sales Team would love to help. 

Contact us on 1300 923 999 or email [email protected]

“We recently purchased a fleet of Solar Trailers with a set expectation and design requirement for our remote site requirements. The team at Viking worked with us to complete the specification and orders. The fleet has been on the job for around three months now, meeting our requirements. We are looking at more units currently with the team and look forward to continued supply in the future.”

- Director, Construction, WA

“From our initial dealings with Viking Industrial until the completion of works onsite, the whole team have proven to be professional and very attentive to our requirements and needs. I cannot recommend them enough. We’re looking forward to dealing with the Viking Team in  the future.”

- Reg Greene, Project Manager, McNally Group

“Viking Industrial has been a long term partner with Utilita. They continue to reinvent and evolve to improve the service offerings that support our critical infrastructure. Despite our requirements continually changing, they never stop trying to improve.”

- Chris McRae, Operations Manager, Utilita Water Solutions