How to Choose the Right Generator for the Job

Dec 21, 2022 | Diesel generator

Whether you need power during a camping trip, are a tradie who needs portable power on site, require a backup power source for your home or business, or require a long-term power source for large-scale commercial projects, there is a generator available to suit your needs.

So to help you work out which is the best fit for you, in this article we break down the key considerations and features when choosing a generator for the job at hand.

Understanding the Options

When it comes to generators, there are many different types, brands and sizes available. Choosing a reputable brand is a good starting point, and some of our favourites include Cummins, Volvo Penta and Kubota. You’ll also need to consider the fuel type, with diesel and petrol the two main options. When it comes to size, generators are generally categorised by kVA (kilovolt-amps) and range from small portable units of less than 100 kVA, right up to 1000 kVA plus, which are often used to power construction sites. 

Identifying the Features You Need

To find the right generator, you need to be clear on the features that matter. For example:

  • Noise level: Is noise reduction important? If so, check the decibel rating.
  • Safety: If your generator will be used at work, it must be WorkSafe approved.
  • Fuel capacity: Make sure it holds enough fuel to run without constant top ups.
  • Portability: If you need a generator that moves with you, be sure it’s portable.
  • Starting it up: Consider if you need push button, remote controlled or auto start.
  • Power output: Make sure you have enough kVA available to get the job done.
  • Quality: Sourcing a generator from a trusted supplier and brand is your best bet.

Get the Right Size

Above all, it’s essential to understand what you’ll be using your generator for, and how much kVA is required to provide enough power. Consider that the start-up and running requirements may be different, and remember, if you’re powering more than one appliance or machine, you’ll need to tally up the totals of all to get accurate wattage requirements. Our online power calculator can help with this, or contact our team if you need project specific advice. 

Need an Industrial Generator? We Can Help 

When choosing a generator, understanding the available options and matching these to your requirements will ensure you get the right unit for the job, and can enjoy uninterrupted power while you’re on the road, on site or during an outage.  

At Viking Industrial we supply generators from 6kVA up to 2250 kVA, and you can see some of the projects we’ve powered recently here. If you need a generator for your commercial project, get in touch with our team for more info or fill in our online quote form and we’ll get back to you fast. 

“We recently purchased a fleet of Solar Trailers with a set expectation and design requirement for our remote site requirements. The team at Viking worked with us to complete the specification and orders. The fleet has been on the job for around three months now, meeting our requirements. We are looking at more units currently with the team and look forward to continued supply in the future.”

- Director, Construction, WA

“From our initial dealings with Viking Industrial until the completion of works onsite, the whole team have proven to be professional and very attentive to our requirements and needs. I cannot recommend them enough. We’re looking forward to dealing with the Viking Team in  the future.”

- Reg Greene, Project Manager, McNally Group

“Viking Industrial has been a long term partner with Utilita. They continue to reinvent and evolve to improve the service offerings that support our critical infrastructure. Despite our requirements continually changing, they never stop trying to improve.”

- Chris McRae, Operations Manager, Utilita Water Solutions