Get Urgent Generator Repair Servicing with Viking Industrial’s 24-Hour Breakdown Service

If your business uses generators on a regular basis to power mining operations, construction sites, industrial ventures, or other projects, then you probably know how much of a hassle a breakdown can be. Ideally, if one of your …read more.

Does Your Generator Need a Repair Service? Know When to Call for Servicing in Brisbane

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Need Generator Repair Servicing in Perth? Don’t Get Slowed Down by First-Time Technicians

At Viking Industrial, we understand how much of a hassle a generator breakdown can be. Many of our top clients are involved in expensive, high-profile, and deadline-conscious work. They are industrial companies, mining operations …read more.

Keep Your Generator in Good Health with Generator Service Kits from Viking Industrial

Since 2013, Viking Industrial has been in the business of helping enterprises keep their generators in good health. Our clients rely on functional, efficient power units, so generators that are lagging in fuel efficiency or breaking down …read more.

Stay Fully Prepared: Maintain Your Denyo Generator with Bespoke Service Kits from Viking Industrial

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The Importance of Maintaining Airman Generator Service Kits for Reliable Standby Power

The ability to maintain backup power is essential for many business-owners and in many industrial applications across Australia. In many cases, for 99% of the year, you can reliably count on the electric grid to supply power to all your …read more.

Understanding What’s Important When You Need to Buy Portable Generators

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Three Reasons to Choose to Buy Inverter Generators When You Need Reliable Power Solutions

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What a Diesel Generator? Buy Diesel Generators from this Trusted Company Today

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Do You Need a Standby Generator? Learn Why You Might, and Where to Buy Standby Generators Near You

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Are You Looking to Rent a Generator? Discover How Generator Rental Can Benefit You and Hire One ASAP

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How Can Westinghouse Inverter Generators Help You? Purchase a Westinghouse wh2400i Generator and Find Out

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Four of the Most Common Uses for Westinghouse Portable Generators

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Always Have a Source of Backup Power by Purchasing a 10 kVA Diesel Generator

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Why You Should Buy a 15 kVA Diesel Generator from Industrial Vikings

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Viking, Your Source for 20 KVA Diesel Generator Supply and Service

When shopping for a generator, the first consideration is whether you will need it as a primary or secondary power source. The distinction is that a prime 20 kva generator is meant to run indefinitely (with proper maintenance) as the …read more.

30 KVA Diesel Generator – Independent Supplier You Can Trust

A 30 kva diesel generator is a significant investment. You want a company that has your best interests at heart, who will work with you to establish your needs and get the best possible fit using equipment from whatever brand is most …read more.

40 KVA Diesel Generator – When You Need Reliable Power, Turn to Viking

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50 KVA Prime or Standby Diesel Generator

Getting your power needs in place is not something you do on a whim. It’s an essential part of your operations – often the life blood of them. Choosing a 50 kva generator provider is not something to take lightly. Viking Industrial …read more.

Buy or rent quality 60 kva generator

When you’re looking for a generator that can handle all your power needs, making sure you buy or rent the right one is key. You need to find a generator, say a 60 KVA generator, that meets all your requirements. Choosing the wrong …read more.

When you need a 100 KVA generator

Younever know when the power is going to go down. Having a reliable backup generator is a key part of your business particularly if you work in a retirement home or healthcare facility. For this kind of facility, a 100 KVA …read more.

Where to Buy a 150 kva Diesel Generator

Do ou need a 150 kva diesel generator for your office complex or construction site? Whether you’re using a generator for prime running or standby and backup power purposes, you want the best one available to ensure proper functionality …read more.

Contact Viking Industries for a High Quality 200 kva Diesel Generator

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Does Your Business Need a 250 kVA Diesel Generator for Prime Running Power? Contact Viking Industries

Sometimes, a temporary work site or construction site doesn’t have connections to a central power grid. This means that, for proper and efficient work output, you’ll need a diesel generator capable of providing power support for your …read more.

Need Backup and Standby Power? This Company Offers a High Quality 300 kVA Diesel Generator

A 300 kVA diesel generator is often utilised for standby and backup power. If you run an office park or need backup power at a construction site, you’re likely in the market for one of these small yet powerful diesel engine …read more.

Contact This Team of Experts for Information On a 400 kVA Diesel Generator

A 400 kVA diesel generator isn’t a purchase you’ll make on a regular basis. At least, we certainly hope you’re not. These large, complex machines are vital parts of businesses that need prime running or standby power. If you’re in the …read more.

Don’t Buy a 500 kVA Diesel Generator without Proper Education and Knowledge. Viking Industries Can Help

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From 600 kVA Diesel Generators to 2,000 kVA Generators, Viking Industrial Can Help You Choose the Right Power Solution for Your Needs

Whether you need a primary power source or a standby power solution, Viking Industrial can help. When it comes to buying diesel generators in Perth or Brisbane, you simply cannot find a better selection or a more helpful team than …read more.

Give Your Company Ample Emergency Power with a Standby 700 kVA Diesel Generator from Viking Industrial

At Viking Industrial, our clients use generator power for two basic purposes. The first is as a primary source of energy. Our ‘Prime’ range of generators is designed for this kind of application. From construction sites to mining …read more.

Dealing with a Broken Down 800 kVA Diesel Generator? Call Viking Industrial for Service

A generator is only as good as its reliability. A generator that is a primary power source must be able to deliver consistent power outputs throughout the entire workday without electricity failures or surges. A standby generator …read more.

900 kVA or 1,500 kVA? Why Choosing the Right Diesel Generator Is So Important?

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Looking for a 1,000 kVA Standby Diesel Generator? Count on Viking Industrial’s VSB1100

You’ve done the measurements and power tests. You’ve determined that your business or operation needs approximately 1,000 kVA of energy to remain efficient during a blackout or power outage. Now, all you need to do is find …read more.

Buying a Standby Generator? Give Your Business Plenty of Power with a 1,500 kVA Diesel Generator

When businesses shop for prime generators, they do so knowing full well that they need a unit that can support all their power needs for an extended period. Thus, if they have an application that demands 1,5000 kVA of power, they will …read more.

Big Power Needs? Meet them with a 2,000 kVA Standby Diesel Generator from Viking Industrial

How much power does your business premises or worksite use daily? Among lighting, computer devices, essential equipment and other inputs, the answer to this question can be considerable. When you are tapping into the power grid …read more.

Find quality Denyo generator parts

Whe you depend on a generator to keep your business up and running when the power goes out you want to make sure that generator is in top working condition. No one wants to face the nightmare of having the generator break …read more.

Get the best Airman generator parts

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This One-Stop Shop Offers a Wide Selection of Generator Parts

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Did Your Power Generator Suffer a Breakdown? Contact This Company for Professional Repairs

Whether you use a power generator for your primary source of power in a place without a power grid or you need it for emergency backup purposes, nothing is more stressful than when that generator breaks down. Because power is so …read more.

If you have a generator breakdown, get repairs in Brisbane

A gnerator breakdown is a serious problem. Regardless of the nature of your business – a health facility, a mining or exploration company, a small farm, a retail business – you count on your generator to provide a constant supply of …read more.

If you have a generator breakdown, get repairs in Perth

Whe you have a generator breakdown, and you need repairs in Perth, there is only one company to call: Viking Industrial. We’re an independent diesel generator company, and we understand the importance of reliability. That’s why …read more.

Buy generator cables you can count on

If ou have a generator, you’ll also need the cables that take power to the areas where it is needed. When you want to buy generator cables you can count on to perform in tough conditions; you should contact Viking Industrial. As an …read more.

Rent Generator Cables Today

Nowand then, you may find that you’ll need some extra cables for your generator. If you only need them on a temporary basis, you’ll probably want to rent generator cables. Renting may also be an option if you’re renting a …read more.