When choosing a generator its very much like choosing a car there are just as many choices, all with different strengths and weaknesses. When speaking with your generator specialist they will be able to identify the most suitable generators for your application. By making a choice early this will allow for time to acquire the correct option. By not planning ahead you will often times be sold a generator that is available as opposed to one that is correct for the job.


Cost definitely has a place when purchasing a generator. Not all cost come with the price tag. Some Generators will cost you thousands of dollars more in servicing and maintenance, some will cost you in fuel consumption. Generally, the more expensive generators will cost you more on the price tag but save you in fuel maintenance and operate long after the cheaper sets have died and been used as spare parts. You can and should always ask your supplier for a cost of life analysis and spec sheet so that the engine origin and brand can be verified. Always ask for an explanation to why you are being sold a particular brand and the advantages for that choice.


Making sure you correctly size the Generator for the application.

Correctly sizing the generator is one of the most important things you can get right when purchasing or renting a generator. The wrong choice can cost you money in fuel, extra servicing cost and take years of the life of the machine. Generators are designed to run at their optimum at 75% load. You can use the Viking power calculator to calculate the most suitable generator for your needs.

In summary when you speak to a generator specialist you should be asked the following question

  • What is the intended application of the generator?
  • What sort of hours will the generator be running?
  • Who is paying for fuel?
  • What will the generator be powering (what size generator)?
  • When do you need the generator?

When dealing with a specialist they will be able to match a generator to your needs.  If enough lead time is given your specialist or technician will be should be able to independently source the best option for your needs which will in fact end up being the cheapest over the life of the generator. Regardless you should also be given a detailed reason as to why the machine offered is right for you.

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